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Vocational Education

The BZLT is a competence center for logistics and technology. Here, approximately 1200 apprentices and students receive their basic and further training, educated by about 65 teachers and lecturers in logistics, recycling, and road transport.

Basic training

The BZLT is the only public vocational school in the field of basic logistics training in the canton of Zurich. Additionally, the BZLT is the only vocational school in German-speaking Switzerland that trains apprentices in recycling.

Aligned with our legal obligations, we uphold the ethical, democratic, ecological, and social values of our society. Our focus lies on the learners and their personal and professional growth. In delivering basic and further education, we ensure our qualifications open doors to a range of career opportunities.



Logisticians receive all types of goods, check them and prepare them for storage or delivery to customers. Depending on their specialization, they plan, organize and carry out tasks in the areas of distribution or warehousing. For more information, study the One-Pager Logistician in Training.
One-Pager Logistician


Recyclists ensure that recyclable materials can be returned to the production cycle. They sort, process and store reusable materials and substances such as glass, metals, wood, cardboard, textiles, tyres, chemicals and electronic devices. For more information, study the One-Pager Recyclist in Training.
One-Pager Recyclist

Drivers of Heavyweight Trucks:

Drivers of Heavyweight Trucks transport various goods by lorry and other vehicles. They plan the transport and know how to handle the goods. They can also carry out minor repairs and rectify breakdowns. For more information, study the One-Pager Drivers of Heavyweigh Trucks in Training.
One-Pager Driver of Heavyweight Trucks