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Higher Education

The BZLT is a competence center for logistics and technology. Around 1200 apprentices and students receive both basic and further training here, guided by a team of approximately 65 dedicated teachers and lecturers specializing in logistics, recycling, and road transport.

Further training

Students pursuing higher education benefit from attending courses or seminars at the BZLT. This participation not only contributes to their professional development but also enhances their personal growth, providing them with additional prospects in the job market.

Higher vocational training

Logistics Expert with a Federal Diploma of Higher Education:
Skilled logistics experts are essential for efficient supply chain management. The modularized "Logistics Expert" course offers an ideal preparation for this crucial profession.

Specialist in Business Administration and Applied Technical Management with a Federal Diploma of Higher Education:
This program allows participants to expand their skills with commercial and business knowledge, laying the groundwork for their professional advancement.