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Committed to modern and future-proof vocational training, we continuously innovate to provide relevant opportunities for our learners. Here are some examples of our realized and ongoing projects:

n47e8 is a pedagogical concept that combines a focus on action competence, individualization, and the experience of self-efficacy in digital and physical learning spaces.

First day of school:
On the first day of school, our apprentices tackle challenges together in various escape rooms and modern trampoline parks. Then, on the second day, they explore the BZLT using a digital portfolio and research room, getting to know both our physical and digital learning spaces.

The MindMovie project raises awareness among our apprentices about mental health. Throughout the project, learners express their understanding creatively by making video clips.

Design Thinking:
This integrative design method helps our apprentices develop important skills for the future. They work in mixed teams on real-world challenges given by partners.

Virtual reality (VR) in general education:
We simulate a real apartment takeover to fully immerse our apprentices. The related research project focuses on using immersive technology for assessments.

Virtual reality (VR) in sports:
Virtual reality is incorporated into sports lessons to add variety, as playing specific games can enhance motor skills and health-related measures.

Find the Code Home:
Find the Code Home is an online escape room game. With engaging tasks focused on skills, it helps learners prepare well for their final exams in logistics and general education.